Water and Wastewater Rate Increases

The City of Waco water and sewer rates moderately increased on January 1, 2017. The exact amount of the increase will depend on how much water is used. Click on the rate calculator below to estimate your rate increase.

Why did the rates increase?

estimatebuttonAn in-depth cost of service study determined rate increases are necessary to fund water and wastewater infrastructure projects. Each of these projects meets a critical need, making them essential to the city’s ability to continue providing high-quality water and wastewater services to all customers.

Just a few of the infrastructure projects include:

  • Complete replacement of the, 100-year-old, Hillcrest Ground Storage and Pump Station
  • New water lines in the Chapel Rd. – Old Lorena Rd. – Spring Valley Rd. area
  • Rebuilding of Waco Metropolitan Area Regional Sewerage System (WMARSS) Transfer Lift Station
  • The extension of force-main sewer line to WMARSS Central Treatment Plant

Waco’s water and sewer rates did not increase in the five years prior to 2016. Waco’s rates remain significantly lower than many surrounding and comparatively sized cities.