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In Progress

  • Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI)

    The City of Waco will be updating its metering systems with new software and hardware to provide real-time meter usage monitoring and offer customers improved tools to manage their accounts.

  • Chimney Hill

    Storm drain improvements will be made, increasing drainage flow capacity to prevent the flooding of local homes. Due to their proximity, water and wastewater lines will also be replaced at the same time.

  • Downtown Water Lines

    This project replaces aged infrastructure in the downtown area. Several water lines in the downtown area are more than 60 years old and will be completely replaced.

  • Hillcrest Ground Storage and Pump Station Improvements

    This project will replace the 100-year-old facility with 2 new, smaller tanks, providing better system control and efficiency, as well as improving water quality in the area.

  • MLK Sinkhole

    After the flooding of the Brazos River, a large diameter pipe, owned by Waco Metropolitan Regional Sewerage System, failed at a joint, causing a sinkhole to form.

  • Owen Lane Tower

    The current Owen Lane Tower is a 1.5 million gallon tank that was built almost 50 years ago. It has several structural issues that drive up the cost to repair it, making a new tower more feasible.

  • Riverside Transmission Water Line

    This project provides a new water line to connect the Riverside Water Treatment plant to the Gholson Pump Station and Ground Storage Tank.

  • Water System Improvements – Ritchie Road/Spring Valley Road

    New water lines will supply surface water to the area west of Hewitt and allow the City of Waco to return control of the well owned by the City of Hewitt.

  • West Bank

    This project involves a thorough investigation, inspection, and analysis of infrastructure needs along the river.

  • WMARSS Transfer Lift Station

    Sewer transmissions serving the north side of Waco will see major upgrades and improvements, including the rerouting of wastewater for multiple communities. These improvements are necessary as the current facility, now more than 30 years-old, is in disrepair.


  • 72” Parallel Raw Water Line

    The existing 72-inch raw water line that feeds the DAF Water Treatment Plant is more than 50 years old. A new 72-inch line will provide a vital, redundant feed from Waco’s sole water source.

  • Ritchie Road Tower

    The Richie Road Tower is approximately 30 years old. This project provides for, fairly, routine 30-year maintenance.

  • Water System Improvements – Chapel Road/Old Lorena Road

    New water lines will supply surface water to the area west of Hewitt and allow the City of Waco to return control of the well owned by the City of Hewitt.

  • Westview Ground Storage Improvements

    This project aims to remove the existing, 65-yea-old, Westview Ground Storage Tank from service, repair the structure, replace piping, pumps and motors, as well as upgrade the electrical system.

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In progress

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